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A Day at MindPlus

Every day at MindPlus is different, but each one is carefully planned by our specialist teachers to allow our students to explore:

  • big thinking (conceptual development)

  • their own strengths (talent development) and

  • understanding about themselves as gifted (personal development). 

Check out the world of MindPlus below!

It can be fast and furious - but also focused and reflective. Our MindPlus students and teachers work hard to make the most of every day. Have a look at some different MindPlus days from around our units. 

What do parents and teachers notice?

Parents and other teachers in schools where there is a MindPlus programme often comment on how engaged, focused and comfortable ākonga are at MindPlus.

"He is much happier as we get closer in the week to MindPlus day. He usually comes home from school grumpy but he comes skipping out of MindPlus telling me everything he has done that day"

- Parent of a MindPlus student

“The passion and the energy is quite electric at times at MindPlus.”  

- MindPlus OurSchool Teacher

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