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We’re here to support gifted learners, their whānau and their teachers & schools.

All MindPlus programmes provide our neurodiverse kids with:

  • A specialist teacher

  • A small group of other like-minded students to share and learn with

  • A specialised programme that develops their thinking and conceptual skills; allows them to dive into passion areas; and helps build the social and emotional skills they need to thrive

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Want to support gifted kids?

Together, we can make sure that all gifted Kiwi kids get the chance to achieve their extraordinary potential.

What does being gifted mean?

Gifted individuals show extraordinary potential in one or more areas - intellectual, creative, social, physical and others. When giftedness is nurtured, it can lead to amazing outcomes, in and out of school. It can also co-exist with other neurodiversities such as ASD, ADHD and dyslexia.

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“MindPlus has played a huge part in re-igniting my son’s curiosity and passion for learning. It has given him a deeper understanding of himself and allowed him to collaborate with like minds."

- Parent of gifted kid.

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A day at MindPlus

Every day at MindPlus is different, but each one is carefully planned by our specialist teachers to allow our students to explore:

  • big thinking (conceptual development)

  • their own strengths (talent development)

  • understanding about themselves as gifted (personal development).


Stay in touch by receiving our termly Pānui with gifted news and tips for parents and teachers, as well as other updates from time to time.

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