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MindPlus Online
Guide for parents


Whāngai ka tupu ka puawai. That which is nurtured, blossoms then grows.

Welcome to MindPlus Online! We are delighted that your child is going to be joining us, and we want to make sure that starting with us is as easy as possible for them - and you.

We’ve put together this Guide to MindPlus Online to answer some of the questions you may have about MindPlus:


  • What to expect at MindPlus Online

  • How to get started with MindPlus Online

  • How we communicate

  • Our expectations of each other

  • All about fees and scholarships

If you have any programme questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Head of Programmes Madelaine Armstrong Willcocks on

For any day-to-day administrative questions, our administration team is very happy to talk with you on 0800 769 243 or

Contact details for your teacher and other NZCGE staff are here.

When does MindPlus Online start and finish in a year?

We start our MindPlus Online year in the second week of Term One and end one week before the end of Term Four. This gives children a chance to settle into regular school before they start MindPlus Online and not to miss out on the end of year activities at regular school at the end of the year. We keep to the same terms as public schools in Term Two and Three.


What is a MindPlus Online Session?

MindPlus Online is a half-day a week programme made up of:

  • A weekly online meeting of thirty minutes with our specialist teacher and a like-minded group of gifted learners, at a set time each week. Each meeting is a fun, fast-paced session of working together.

  • Activities to complete delivered on the MindPlus Learning Platform, powered by Google Classroom. Activities are designed around our specialist curriculum. These can be completed at any time and in any way that suits. If your child is coming to MindPlus Online at their regular school, activities are ideally completed during school time.


What do you teach at MindPlus Online?

In the MindPlus Online meeting and activities, have three focal points:

  • Conceptual Development - where we explore together thinking skills in relation to a particular universal concept - in 2022 it was patterns and in 2023 it is discovery

  • Talent Development -  where our students go deep into an area they are passionate about, including MindPlus Clubs, connecting like minds across our programmes across New Zealand

  • Personal Development - where we explore ideas around giftedness and neurodiversity and learn together about skills and strategies to navigate personal and social development


Each of our MindPlus Online classes develops their own journey across these areas that reflects the interests and skills of the students.


What does my child need for MindPlus Online?

Your child will need:

  • A device to work on - this can be any sort of internet-enabled device that can run Google applications

  • Time set aside each week for the meeting and activities


We will provide:

  • A Google log in and password

  • A link to the MindPlus Learning Platform, including the online meeting link


How do parents get involved?

We love to see parents at MindPlus Online and are very happy for you to sit with your child for the online meeting and to guide your child through the online activities. This is often an invaluable support for your child and their learning.



What happens if my child is sick or has another commitment?

If your child is going to be absent from their MindPlus Online meeting, please let us know in Hero. Click on Report An Absence and let us know why your child will be away. If we haven’t heard from you, we will be in touch. Remember that even if your child misses the meeting, the learning activities can be worked on at any time over the week.   Please note that fee refunds are not given for days when your child is absent.


What if MindPlus is not working out for my child?

We know that MindPlus is just one option you have for your child and our aim is always to support your child and your family. If MindPlus is not working out well for your child, your first port of call is always to chat with your child’s MindPlus teacher. Make a time to chat and let’s see what we can do together to make things work. Remember our staff contact details are on our website here. If together you decide to finish your journey with us, fill in the Leavers Form. More information about leaving and fees is in the section about Fees.


Do you take photos of the students and their work?

We do regularly take photos and videos of students in action at MindPlus. We do this to  record students’ learning and to share with you as well as to display in class. We also use photos and videos of students  on our website and social media but do not use students’ real names to identify them without consent. We will ask

you at the beginning of the year for your permission to use photos and videos for these purposes and are very happy to respect your wishes.

Tauranga - Gate Pā School

Belinda Cameron

Regional Lead Teacher (Wed & Thurs)

Manawatū - Queen Elizabeth College

Sharon Udy

Regional Lead Teacher (Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Hutt - Rātā Street School

Carol Palmer (Mon)

Megan McLean (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Wellington West - 
Cardinal McKeefry School 

Carol Palmer

Regional Lead Teacher (Wed, Thurs)

Moana Jones

Regional Lead Teacher (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Lance Muller (Mon)

Maria Rockell (Wed, Thurs)

Cristy Yonetani (Fri)

Mid-Canterbury -
Ashburton Borough School

Nicky Lewis (Tues)

Mel Simons

Regional Lead Teacher (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Head of Programmes
Madelaine Armstrong Willcocks 

NZCGE Office

PO Box 301566


0800 769 243

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