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What Is MindPlus?

Is MindPlus a school? 

We are not a school, private or otherwise. The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education is a non-profit organisation that operates the MindPlus family of programmes across New Zealand, both face to face and online. Our programmes are often delivered in schools and/ or in units hosted by a school.


How do I find out more information about MindPlus programmes?

We have lots of information about each programme here:  MindPlus Programmes.


What actually happens at MindPlus?

Our learning programmes all use a specialist curriculum designed to support the needs of gifted learners. As no two groups of learners are the same, no two days are the same!   For a peek into some of our MindPlus classes, check out: A day at MindPlus.


Is MindPlus done during school time?

We have a number of different MindPlus programmes to fit the needs of different students, whānau and schools:

  • OurSchool takes place one day a week during school time.

  • YourSchool takes place for a half day a week during school time.

  • Online can take place during school time or students can meet before school and do their work at home.


My child needs academic extension in a specific area, like maths or science.

Does MindPlus do that?

Our specialist curriculum supports the thinking and learning skills and social and emotional development of our gifted kids. We do not provide focused extension in specific academic areas. There are a number of other options for subject extension that you can explore with your school or other out-of-school providers.

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Parent Resources

You may also want to look at our Resources section on the website which includes Programme Information Packs and Parent Guides for our programmes.

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Check out our FAQs for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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