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Who Can Attend MindPlus?

How old does a child have to be to start MindPlus?

We like students to be around Y2 or 6 years of age. This is so that your child starts school and settles into the new routines and rhythms of school life before starting with us at MindPlus. Younger school children can attend PreSchool, either during the week or on a Saturday morning.


Can I join MindPlus Online from overseas?

Absolutely! Our MindPlus Online meetings are at a fixed time each week, so as long as the time differences work out well, that is absolutely fine with us. 


Can my home-schooled child come to MindPlus?

Absolutely! When you apply, you will not need to provide information from your child’s school.

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Parent Resources

You may also want to look at our Resources section on the website which includes Programme Information Packs and Parent Guides for our programmes.

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Check out our FAQs for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.