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Who Should I Talk To ... ?

How do I get hold of my child’s teacher? Someone else at NZCGE?

All our contact information is available here.


My child is struggling at MindPlus, what should I do? 

Your child’s MindPlus teacher is your first port of call. You might be interested to know that some MindPlus students can find the transition into MindPlus programmes a bit challenging - this is because it’s a new situation, with new buddies and a new teacher, in a new place, with new routines - that’s a LOT of new! The learning is also different from school learning, which can be also be challenging. The good news is that once they start settling in, getting ‘into the zone’ with learning, start connecting with like-minds, which all usually happens across their first term (not on their first day!), they thrive. 


I want to give NZCGE some feedback about MindPlus, who do I talk to?

We absolutely welcome and value your feedback. There are a few different ways you can share this with us - chatting with your child’s MindPlus teacher is your first port of call. You can also get in touch with Madelaine, our Head of Programmes, or our fabulous office team. You can find all of our contact details on our website here.

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Parent Resources

You may also want to look at our Resources section on the website which includes Programme Information Packs and Parent Guides for our programmes.

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Check out our FAQs for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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