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Will MindPlus Be Right For My Child?

How do I know if MindPlus is a good option for my child?

You can:

  • Check out our kids talking about MindPlus here - does what they say resonate with your child?

  • Have a look at our  A day at MindPlus overviews - do these activities sound fun to your child? 

  • Arrange a short visit to one of our MindPlus units (contact us  to set this up)

  • Have a chat with us (contact us to set this up)

  • Get started and support your child to give it a really good go!

Can we come and have a look at a MindPlus session? Do you have Open Days?

We don’t have Open Days, but we can often arrange a short visit to a MindPlus class. Contact us to ask about this.  For a peek into some of our MindPlus classes, check out A day at MindPlus.


Can we have a free trial session at MindPlus?

For OurSchool and Online, we find that having extra children for the day only is too disruptive, and that a short visit works best. Contact us to set this up.

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Parent Resources

You may also want to look at our Resources section on the website which includes Programme Information Packs and Parent Guides for our programmes.

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Check out our FAQs for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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