As a parent or caregiver, you want to support your gifted child. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you on your journey.

What support do you offer?

How do I know if my child is gifted?

Why do gifted learners need and deserve support?

What is it like at MindPlus?


What support do you offer?

NZCGE offers a family of MindPlus programmes to support gifted young people from early childhood through to the end of intermediate school. 

All MindPlus programmes provide our neurodiverse kids with:

  • A specialist teacher

  • A small group of other like-minded students to share and learn with

  • A specialised programme that: develops their thinking and conceptual skills; allows them space to dive into passion areas; and helps build the social and emotional skills they need to thrive


Our MindPlus programmes meet the needs of children at different ages and stages, operating at early childhood and primary school levels, at one of our 14 units or at their own schools, or at home, in person or online.

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Our MindPlus Programmes

MindPlus is a one session a week programme with a specialist teacher. Students aged 2-13 have different options for accessing the programme:

MindPlus PreSchool


 Joining a fun and stimulating 2.5 hour session each week with a small community of gifted 2-6 year olds and their caregivers, led by a specialist teacher (mid-week and Saturday options are available)

MindPlus OurSchool

Coming together with other Y2- 8 gifted learners in small classes for one day per week during school hours at one of our 13 physical locations around New Zealand

MindPlus YourSchool

Working with other Y2 - 8 gifted learners at your own school/kura, with your own teacher plus our specialist MindPlus teacher online

MindPlus Online

Working independently from home or your school, interacting with other learners and our specialist MindPlus teacher online

MindPlus Badges

Exploring a special passion area such as Creative Writing, History, Science or Design for a few hours a week, during school time or from home. MindPlus Badges can be carried out as part of one of our other programmes or on its own.


How do I know if my child is gifted?

Once you've had a look at our discussion of giftedness here, trust your own instincts. In New Zealand, especially in a Māori or Pacific context, we can be worried about being boastful - but your gut feel is probably right. Schools (and sometimes parents) are less quick to spot giftedness in girls and children from non-majority cultures, and we can support you with this.

If you are after a formal confirmation (which you don’t need for MindPlus), there are a number of psychologists or other professionals around New Zealand who do assessments. 


Why do gifted learners need and deserve support?


Every student has the right to develop and grow as a learner. For the tamariki and whānau we work with, that requires understanding and appreciating their particular flavour of neurodiversity.

If they don’t get to use their gifts, the outcome for these kids can be much worse than mere boredom. They can end up disengaged, depressed, and unable to contribute positively. 

A supportive environment that challenges gifted learners in their areas of extra-ordinariness can foster a healthy sense of self - and build their muscles for tackling the toughest problems.


What's it like at MindPlus?

Our MindPlus programmes all offer focused, specialised learning  activities for our gifted learners - as well as time for them to just hang out with others like them (often the thing they enjoy the most). Learning experiences include:


  • Discussions and activities that zoom in on complex, interesting ideas

  • Hands-on challenges to develop problem-solving, creativity, communication and collaboration

  • Social problem-solving activities including developing and sharing strategies, role-play, and service-based learning 

  • Individualised activities to uncover and develop students’ strengths and talents.


MindPlus has played a huge part in re-igniting my son’s curiosity and passion for learning. It has given him a deeper understanding of himself and allowed him to collaborate with like minds. It has been of huge value to our family as the opportunities and experiences he’s had there have had a positive impact far beyond the walls of the MindPlus classroom.

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