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We want to help you ensure that the gifted kids at your school grow up to achieve their extraordinary potential.

For Schools

In NZ, every school is required to identify their gifted and talented students  and to develop classroom and school-wide programmes to meet their need. 


This can be a hard ask. Few schools have teachers or leaders who are experienced in gifted education, and many schools are struggling to provide for the needs of other kids with learning and behavioural difficulties. 


We get it. And that’s why we’ve developed a range of options to support you where you’re at.

Does your school have a gifted programme already?

Check out our guide to what to look for in a high-quality school gifted learning programme to see whether you’re on top of it - or whether there’s room for iteration and change.

Partner with us

Schools asked us if we could help them run MindPlus at their own school - and we listened!


MindPlus YourSchool offers any school in NZ the chance to offer our proven, high-quality specialist gifted education programme to their own kids for a half day each week. And what’s even better - we train your teacher as a specialist gifted education teacher at the same time, allowing them in turn to support and develop others on your staff.


You know your school, your community and your learners better than anyone. MindPlus YourSchool gives you both the framework, and the flexibility to adapt learning for your own gifted students.


It’s super easy to get underway and we help you identify your students, communicate with parents, and get started with high-quality lessons right away!

Partner with us

“We know there’s a very real need in our school, but right now, we don’t have the capacity to meet that need. We want to bring our teachers along on this journey” 


- Principal, Nelson primary school

Refer students to MindPlus

If running your own gifted programme is too much right now, you can refer your gifted students to us. We can provide them with the specialist support they need in a way that works for their whānau and your school.


Our family of MindPlus programmes include:


  • MindPlus OurSchool - a one day school programme at one of our 4 units nationwide

  • MindPlus Online - a half day programme where students work independently - at school or at home - with the support of our teacher


We work closely with referring schools and classroom teachers - keeping you up-to-date with weekly posts on what your students are learning at MindPlus and termly updates on how they are doing.

Refer students
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Get some support

Some schools are well away on their journey with gifted education, and some are just starting out.


Our highly experienced team are able to bring together professional development that meets your needs, wherever you’re at. This could be:

  • Mentoring for your specialist gifted teacher

  • Running a 2 hour workshop on differentiating learning for gifted kids at your PD Day

  • One-on-one support to your leadership team to develop your school’s gifted education strategy

  • Peer review and guidance on your current gifted programme

Talk with us about your needs now.

Get some support
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