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Gifted kids need a learning environment where they are understood and their unique learning needs are met.

We can help you provide that.

For Schools
and Teachers

For schools

In NZ, every school is required to identify their gifted and talented students  and to develop classroom and school-wide programmes to meet their needs. 


This can be a hard ask. Few schools have teachers or leaders who are experienced in gifted education, and many schools are struggling to provide for the needs of other kids with learning and behavioural difficulties. 


We get it. And that’s why we’ve developed a range of options to support you where you’re at.

For teachers

Most teachers in NZ were not taught about gifted kids in their initial teacher training, and most have never had professional learning since around working with gifted kids. 


That means that being picked to run your school’s gifted programme, or told to effectively differentiate your teaching for gifted kids in your class can be a big ask!


We’re here to support your learning about gifted kids - whether you want to know just enough, or are keen to build a specialisation in working with gifted kids.

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How do you spot “hidden” gifted kids in a classroom? Check out our resource for teachers.


Keep informed with our termly Pānui with gifted news and tips for teachers and parents, as well as other updates from time to time.

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Join Gifted NEX - our network of expertise on gifted education, run by teachers for teachers.

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Explore the Ministry of Education’s comprehensive giftedness resources for schools.

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