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"Kids at MindPlus think on the same kind of path as me" Gifted student

Gifted kids belong to the same tribe -  one that loves to think deeply, explore widely, and revels in challenge. Whilst their passions and viewpoints may be diverse, their minds recognise each other as alike. 

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Learning with like minds

Our gifted kids tell us that they feel excited about learning with like minds, that they are more comfortable asking questions, setting challenging goals and celebrating their successes with like minds around them.

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Like minds and well-being

Our gifted kids tell us that they “get” each other - they build a sense of belonging and connection by learning together. We teach and nurture the specific social, emotional and learning skills needed to make these like-minded connections powerful.

“They’re in an environment with other children on the same wavelength. They’re not being bullied for being the “smart” kids or the one the teacher looks to for all the answers. They can just be themselves.”  

Parent of a gifted kid

Celebrate Gifted Awareness Week with us!

This Gifted Awareness Week, we are Celebrating Like Minds. Join in the fun at our Gifted Awareness Week Whānau Nights around the country and online!

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