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[At MindPlus] everybody wanted to learn and you were accepted for who you were. It was also nice being surrounded by people who understood my intellect and didn’t think I was like some weird Brainiac. I felt I could truly be myself.
(MindPlus) Alumni

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Learning with like minds

Research shows us that gifted kids benefit hugely from time spent with like-minded peers. Their academic needs are better met when they are grouped together and their social and emotional needs can be recognised and catered for.

This Gifted Awareness Week:

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Talk to your gifted child about who thinks like them. Who understands how their mind works best? Maybe it’s someone at school, in a club or your family. Maybe it’s you. Talk together about how awesome it is to have that person in your child’s life!

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Read Clubs - A Lolly Leopold Story by Kate de Goldi together with your child. Lolly is a creative kid searching out the like minds at her school.

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Come along with your child to one of our super fun Gifted Awareness Week Whānau Nights in 13 different locations around NZ and online.  All the details are here

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Find out about our MindPlus programmes and how they could help your child find their tribe. Download our Info Pack here.

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Learn more about the special thinking characteristics of gifted minds here

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As a parent or caregiver, you want to support your gifted child. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you on your journey.