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[At MindPlus] everybody wanted to learn and you were accepted for who you were. It was also nice being surrounded by people who understood my intellect and didn’t think I was like some weird Brainiac. I felt I could truly be myself.
(MindPlus) Alumni

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Learning with like minds

Gifted students’ needs are different to those of regular learners, which means they need different learning opportunities. This Gifted Awareness Week, celebrate with your group of gifted learners, or take the next step towards identifying and creating a programme for them.

This Gifted Awareness Week:

Join us at one of our Gifted Awareness Week Whānau Nights in 13 different locations around NZ. Students, families and teachers from across our MindPlus programmes will be there, and we’d love you to get a taste of what we do. All the details are here

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Find out here about MindPlus YourSchool, our newest programme which lets you bring a world-class, specialist gifted education programme to your own school, wherever in NZ you are. You can explore all our MindPlus programme options - from our “one day school” to online learning opportunities - here

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Read up on ways to group gifted students and key success factors here

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Share our Gifted Awareness Week poster (download here) in your staffroom and classroom and spread our Gifted Awareness Week posts on Facebook here

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Explore ideas about like minds with your gifted kids with these fun activities below.


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