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What Do Our
Parents Say?


Our MindPlus parents share what their journey with their gifted child has been like and how MindPlus has helped.

“As a family, we feel that MindPlus has been a lifeline for our daughter on both an educational and an emotional level”  

- Parent of a OurSchool Student

"As parents, we felt quite helpless. MindPlus provides the supportive environment that our daughter needs to meet like minded children; a place where she can be herself and extend her learning beyond what a standard school classroom environment can provide; a place where other children accept her and the staff ‘get her’."

- Parent of a gifted child

"Before MindPlus we could see our daughter losing confidence in herself because she was getting old enough to realise that she was different to her peers but couldn’t understand why."

- Parent of a gifted child

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Supporting parents

At MindPlus, we believe that supporting parents well is key to great outcomes for gifted kids. We work hard to involve parents and to connect them with each other as part of our MindPlus community.

Other ways to connect

You can connect with more parents through the NZ Association for Gifted Children (NZAGC) which operates branches across NZ.





There are also a number of New Zealand-based Facebook parent groups. It's worth having a look to see if there are some that you'd like to join.

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