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How to apply

This section covers only MindPlus OurSchool, MindPlus Online
and MindPlus Badges.
The application process for MindPlus YourSchool will be managed by Partner Schools directly.

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How do I submit an application? 

Our application process is designed to gather a wide range of information about each child from home and school - their intellectual, creative, social, personal and cultural abilities and qualities. We are looking for a fit between the child’s abilities and potential and what we offer in MindPlus programmes.

The MindPlus Application consists of:

  1. Parent and Whānau Form (including any additional (but not necessary)  information such as a psychologist’s report)

  2. Teacher Form (not required for homeschooled students)

  3. Principal Form (not required for homeschooled students)


There is an Application Fee of $30.

All these forms are required to be submitted online before your application can be considered. Please let your child’s classroom teacher and principal know that these are required and follow them up to ensure they have been submitted.

Want to learn more?

For more information on the application process, please check out our Information Pack.

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