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Gifted kids aren’t always easy to spot - but statistically speaking there’s likely to be one or two in every class.

How Do You Know A Child Is Gifted?

Common characteristics of gifted kids

Here are some common characteristics of gifted kids. They will:


  • Ask lots of questions, maybe unusual ones

  • Have deep interests or passions - either long-lasting or fleeting

  • Have BIG emotions, ‘all the feels’

  • Seem different to their same-age peers

  • Enjoy a quirky sense of humour

  • Grasp complex, abstract or advanced ideas quickly

​Gifted children are all very different, and may not have been - or felt - able to express their gifts fully, particularly if their brains are different in other ways (for instance if they have ASD, ADHD, dyslexia etc).  


They may also have to work hard to fit into an environment that doesn’t support their cultural, socio-economic or other differences. Some children - often girls - will be more concerned with fitting in socially and will not want to show themselves as different. Trust your instincts - the Gifted Development Center in the US has found that 85% of parents are right about their child’s giftedness.

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How do you spot “hidden” gifted kids in a classroom? Check out our resource for teachers.

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Explore the Ministry of Education’s comprehensive giftedness resources for schools. Learn more.

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​ If you are after a formal confirmation (which you don’t need for MindPlus), there are a number of psychologists or other professionals around New Zealand who do assessments. Find an assessor.

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Check out our bite-sized learning module for parents to learn more about identification. Learn more.

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Our programmes

Our MindPlus programmes all bring together like minds with a specialist teacher who gets them and a curriculum specially designed for their learning needs.

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What really happens
at MindPlus?

Magic happens at MindPlus every day! Get a peek into what’s going on with a selection of our teachers’ weekly posts sharing what’s been happening with whānau and teachers at regular school.

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