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Introducing our

Young  Neurodiversity

Right now, far too few of our neurodiverse young people are identified by teachers or their parents, with significant lack of awareness and stereotypes about what neurodiversity looks like. Even if they are identified, too many go undiagnosed because of cost and long waiting lists. And too many, once diagnosed, go unsupported because the programmes and professional help they need are not freely accessible within our education system.


For far too many neurodiverse young people - particularly girls, Māori and Pasifika students, students from other minority backgrounds, and from lower income backgrounds - the reality is educational underachievement, disengagement and significant social and emotional challenges.


In Election Year 2023, our Young Neuro-diversity Champions are standing up so that all future neurodiverse rangatahi get the support they need to thrive in our education system. The Neurodiversity in Education Coalition is proud to be backing these young leaders  to drive the change they want to see.

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Did you know:

An estimated 20% of New Zealand’s young people are neurodiverse. They have brains wired to think, learn, perceive the world and feel differently from neurotypical people.

Meet our 15

Young Neurodiversity Champions

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The Facts on young people & neurodiversity

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Learn how we're putting neurodiversity on the education agenda in Election 2023

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