Our MindPlus Programmes

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MindPlus PreSchool


 Joining a fun and stimulating 2.5 hour session each week with a small community of gifted 2-6 year olds and their caregivers, led by a specialist teacher (mid-week and Saturday options are available)

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MindPlus OurSchool

Gifted learners from your school and others in your area come together at one of our 14 physical locations around NZ for a day a week

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MindPlus YourSchool

Your gifted learners come together at your own school/kura for a half day per week, supported by a teacher from your school and our specialist MindPlus teacher working via Zoom and Google Classroom

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MindPlus Online

Your gifted learners work independently for a total of around a half day per week during school time and/ or from home, interacting with other remote learners and our specialist MindPlus teacher via Zoom and Google Classroom

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MindPlus Badges

MindPlus badges can be carried as part of one of our other programmes or on it’s own. Explore a special passion area such as Creative Writing, History, Science or Design for a few hours a week, during school time or from home. 

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Download our MindPlus Information Pack to learn more about the programme options and which one could be right for your school and students.