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We work with gifted young people from the start of primary school through into high school.

Our Programmes

All MindPlus programmes provide our neurodiverse kids with:


  • A specialist teacher

  • A small group of other like-minded students to share and learn with

  • A specialised programme that: develops their thinking and conceptual skills; allows them to dive into passion areas; and helps build the social and emotional skills they need to thrive

MindPlus is a one session a week programme with a specialist teacher.  Students aged 6-13 have different options for accessing the programme.


Listen to our Head of Programmes give an overview of our family of MindPlus programmes.

MindPlus OurSchool


Come together with other Y2- 8 gifted learners in small classes for one day per week during school hours at one of our 4 physical locations around New Zealand

MindPlus YourSchool


Work with other Y2 - 10 gifted learners at your own school/kura, with your own teacher plus our specialist MindPlus teacher online

MindPlus Online


Work independently from home or your school, interacting with other Y2-10 learners and our specialist MindPlus teacher online.

MindPlus Clubs


MindPlus Clubs brings Y2-10 gifted kids from all over Aotearoa together who share similar passions and interests. 

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Hear from other parents on how MindPlus helps.

How do I talk to my school about MindPlus?

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Ready to go?

Hear from our students about how MindPlus helps.

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