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Come together with other Y2 - 8 gifted learners in small classes for one day per week during school hours at one of our 4 units around NZ.

MindPlus OurSchool

Helping gifted kids to thrive

MindPlus OurSchool is our original “one day school” programme for gifted learners. Our specialist teachers understand neurodiverse learners and what makes them tick - and small class numbers enables personalised learning that focuses on each child’s strengths and interests.

“As a family, we feel that MindPlus has been a lifeline for our daughter on both an educational and an emotional level”  

-Parent of a MindPlus OurSchool student

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What really happens at MindPlus?

Magic happens every day at MindPlus! Check out what goes on during a MindPlus session.

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Where are we located?

We have 4 units across the country, kindly hosted in local schools.

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Ready to go?

You can apply for MindPlus OurSchool whenever suits you but we only have three intakes of new students each year - at the start of Term One, the start of Term Two and the start of Term Three. 

Not close to an OurSchool unit, getting there too challenging or fees too much right now?

 Talk to your school about the potential for the school to offer its own gifted programme in partnership with us - that's MindPlus YourSchool. Or, if that's not an option, your child could do MindPlus Online, either at school or home. 

Want to support gifted kids?

Together, we can make sure that all gifted Kiwi kids get the chance to achieve their extraordinary potential.

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