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Pānui - Our Programmes

Get MindPlus at your school!

"Having MindPlus being part of our school is a complete game-changer for us" - Kasia Jeric, MindPlus Partner Teacher, North St School, Feilding.

Did you know MindPlus can now come to you - wherever you are in NZ? Leading schools can now offer our proven, world-class, half-day a week programme to the gifted learners at their school at the same time as training their teacher as a specialist MindPlus educator. Make sure your school is ahead of the pack.

What really happens at MindPlus?

Parents and teachers told us they'd love to know more about the magic that happens at MindPlus, and we're excited to have introduced a new tool, Hero, to do just that. Each week, our MindPlus teachers share photos and a description of the learning going on so parents and teachers can engage better with their child or student's learning. You can get a taste of MindPlus through a selection of our weekly posts.

If you're a MindPlus parent or Contributing School Teacher and need some help with Hero, get in touch at

How to spot a gifted kid in the wild

We’re often asked by teachers and parents how to spot a gifted child - particularly those who may be "hiding".

We know that 1 in 20 kids have extraordinary minds - but many do not have their talents on full display for a big variety of reasons. We have some resources below you can use and share with others to help all of us find and support these kids - often our girls, Māori and Pasifika students, and students with other neurodiversities.


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