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Pānui - Our People

Welcome Maria

For Term Three, we welcome Maria Rockell as our new teacher in the Christchurch and Lincoln Units. Maria is a passionate, fun and curious teacher who loves the quirky sense of humour of our gifted kids and their unique perspectives on everything around them. Maria brings a wonderfully diverse set of experiences to our students: her first degree was in architecture, she's worked as a chef, and she is now completing her Masters in Teaching.

Her most recent personal achievements include hiking the South Island section of the Te Araraoa Trail, completing an ultramarathon and learning to play the guitar. We wish Susan Hawkins and Melissa Jones who finished this week all the very best with their next challenges.]

Our new board members

“I am excited about helping NZCGE grow to help so many more gifted kids around NZ” - Annie

“Children are key to our future, and the opportunity to help these gifted young people make a difference is one of the most fulfilling things I can do.”- Raymond

We welcome Annie Lewin and Raymond Yong as our newest Board members. Both grown-up gifted kids, Annie runs Google’s philanthropic arm across Asia Pacific. Raymond is a partner at Deloitte with an extensive digital background. Thank you to our outgoing Board Members Don Hammond, Anne Rodda and Alison Gill, for their service to our gifted kids.


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