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Entry to MindPlus Programmes - Information for teachers

We are pleased to let you know that entry to all MindPlus programmes remains open until Friday, 3rd December.

Due to current Covid19 restrictions, we are unable to hold face-to-face entry workshops and we are therefore modifying our application process slightly. In the application process we are looking for evidence of intellectual and/or creative abilities and for children who need intellectual and/or creative stretch and will benefit from social and emotional learning and support for their gifted-related challenges, and whose strengths we can help develop in our setting.

We know that MindPlus programmes are one great way that teachers and schools can build some extra support around their gifted learners. Our programmes use our specialist, purpose-built curriculum which focuses on developing children’s growth as conceptual thinkers, their understanding of themselves as gifted people, and furthering development of children’s interests and talents.

To request an application pack please contact us at or 0800 769 243

Download an information pack here.

Please do feel free to share this information with anyone, parent or teacher, who you think may find it useful.


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