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Gifted Education Update

Gifted NEX is a Network of Expertise supporting teachers in all things gifted. The network links teachers with teachers, with specialists in the field, and with resources to support gifted learners.

With currently 1250+ members it reaches from the far North to the far South and aims to:

  • support members to connect with each other,

  • so they can share current practice,

  • and to provoke greater awareness of gifted learners,

  • and to provide resources to promote better understanding and support of gifted learners and gifted education.

What do we currently look like:

  • Currently 79% of our members are in the North Island

  • Auckland represents 30% and Wellington and Christchurch 15% each.

  • 20% are in leadership and/or management roles

  •  Almost 50% are in some area of learning support (LSC, RTLB, SENCO, Specialist teacher)

  • 30% state they are absolutely new to gifted education

What’s happened lately?

We held our first online Symposium with an impressive 526 registrations. Dr Melinda Webber, Dr Welby Ings and Dr Tracy Riley all brought different perspectives of giftedness and gifted learners to our attention. 97% of those who attended found it an excellent or very good experience, and even better from our perspective, 90% attended all 3 webinars.

These webinars can be found here.

“The speakers were excellent, insightful and interesting, I learned a lot and feel more confident and capable. The timing, the topics and the mini breaks were great. Thank you so much, it was a really worthwhile and educative symposium.”

“This symposium was really insightful and helpful. High quality presentations from knowledgeable, articulate and interesting presenters. Thank you so much for organising. This is a good format and would work well in future.”

Find out more or join Gifted NEX here


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