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Happy Holidays from MindPlus

Kia Ora

We wish you and your whānau a very happy and relaxing Christmas and summer holiday.

Just before you get into the holiday fun, here are a few final notices and updates.

Key dates

Our MindPlus term finishes in the week starting 5 December, and for those rejoining us in 2023, starts again in the week beginning 6 February. Our office will be closing on Friday 23 December and re-opens on Monday 9 January.

All Place Offers for 2023 for new and existing students are being made this week starting 28 November. In some cases, class and teacher times are not yet available and these will be communicated to you as soon as possible. All existing scholarships and subsidies remain in place in 2023 if needed.

Impact Survey 2022

We are committed to ensuring that our MindPlus programme is making the difference for our gifted kids that they deserve. Help us monitor our impact and keep improving by filling out our 5 minute Impact Survey - students will also be doing this this week.

MindPlus Expo and Graduation Evening

It’s been another big year at MindPlus, and it’s been wonderful to see our learning on display for parents and whānau at our End of Year Expos over the last few weeks. Congratulations to all our students and teachers for their creativity and inventiveness in sharing our MindPlus magic and learning with you all in some wacky and wonderful ways.

We will miss our departing Y6’s and 8’s - and hope they can stay in touch with us through MindPlus Clubs!

MindPlus Clubs

All of our MindPlus students are members of a MindPlus Club - an online space where gifted kids can explore and develop their talents alongside like-minded kids from all over NZ.

Over the Christmas holidays, you’ll be pleased to know that MindPlus students can continue exploring their talents and passions within their Club - and potentially other Clubs if they want to join more than one. We’ve put together a Parent Guide so you can help support your child in this. Your child is very welcome to stay in MindPlus Clubs for as long as they want, even if they are not returning to MindPlus next year.

Please note that our Teacher Club Leads will be taking a break over the holidays. We will be shutting down student comments over this time to make sure everyone stays safe online. Students can keep working individually on Tasters, Tutorials, Badges, and Talent/ Service Projects over this time.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your child’s MindPlus teacher or the office at

MindPlus Clubs Day

Calling our Coders, Scientists, Mathemeticians, Historians, Readers, Creative Writers, Historians, Designers, Artists and Changemakers!

We are holding our first face-to-face MindPlus Clubs Day in Auckland on 18 January 2023 in partnership with the University of Auckland. All MindPlus students, present and past, are welcome, as well as other gifted students in Auckland.

If you haven’t yet got a ticket for your child, sign up now! We suspect you will be ready for a break and your child will be raring to see their MindPlus friends. All our MindPlus teachers will be there for a day of fun and learning, along with the amazing University of Auckland staff - it’s definitely not to be missed.

We know that our gifted neurodiverse kids are not getting their needs met in our current education system.

Are you interested in hearing more about our campaign to bring together 10-15 Young Neurodiversity Champions to make their voices heard in Election Year 2023 on how our education system needs to change to meet the needs of all neurodiverse young people?

Join our CEO, Justine Munro, and our Campaign Lead, Matt Billington, for an online Q&A session for all those keen to get involved on Thursday 8 December at 7pm.

Do you have spare laptops?

We need 60 laptops/ Chromebooks to achieve 1:1 devices across our MindPlus OurSchool units. We can sustainably repurpose old devices for our needs using Chrome OS Flex. If you or your organisation can help, please get in touch at


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