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MindPlus Clubs Day

We are delighted to announce our first MindPlus Clubs Day in Auckland on 18 January.

8:30 - 3:30, Wed 18 January 2023 University of Auckland

This term, all of our MindPlus students are joining one of our new MindPlus Clubs as part of our talent development work. There are 10 clubs: Coders, Creative Writers, Scientists, Dreamers, Artists & Artisans, Designers, Historians, Changemakers and Mathematicians

MindPlus Clubs Day is an exciting opportunity for Auckland-based Y3-10 gifted kids (and those who’d like to come from further afield) to meet up with their clubmates for a super fun day together with challenges, projects and exploration at the University of Auckland.

We are also looking to have similar MindPlus Clubs days in other cities soon - watch this space!


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