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Now Open - MindPlus Applications for Term Two

Now that the year is well underway, you might be thinking about building in some specialist support for your gifted learners. If finding those gifted learners is tricky, check out our top tips here. Our family of MindPlus programmes are the ideal way to add that layer of specialist support for your learners.

MindPlus OurSchool:

Where gifted children from years 2-8 come together to learn and socialise for one day a week. There are 13 locations across New Zealand/

" MindPlus OurSchool has been a lifeline for our daughter on both an emotional and educational level. MindPlus provides the supportive environment that our daughter needs to meet like-minded children; a place where she can be herself and extend her learning; a place where other children accept her and the staff 'get her'" - parent of a gifted child

MindPlus YourSchool:

Where your students stay in your school and we partner with you and your teachers to bring MindPlus to you, for a half day each week.

"Our teachers are an incredible group of passionate educators, but their plates are completely full. They're so busy focusing on behaviour and learning needs that a lot of the times these kids get overlooked. This is such a phenomenal opportunity for gifted kids to be put first and for them to have a place where they get to thrive. Seeing them buzzing from putting their talents into full practice still gives me goosebumps" - Kasia Jeric, MindPlus Partner Teacher, North St School, Feilding

Hear more from Kasia about what MindPlus YourSchool has offered her school

MindPlus Online:

If a child lives in a rural area, or a place where specialist teaching isn't available, they can join MindPlus classes


"We've found that the mainstream doesn't really cater to kids like Niwa - Tehy just don't have enough time to extend him beyond the basics into things like art and science. We live rurally so being able to access the quality education that MindPlus gives us to supplement his schoolwork has been really really good" - Tao father of Niwa who is gifted.

MindPlus Badges:

An online learning programme where gifted children can grow their talents and strengths, in their own time and at their own pace.

" Finn can explore his own interest, his way, without a defined start and stop. I find primary school is too restrictive and perscriptive and Finn just didn't know his potential until his MindPlus Badges teacher was able to release those limits" - Michelle, mum of Finn who is gifted


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