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Parent Learning Opportunities

For many families, the word “gifted” can be mystifying, off-putting, confusing or can just feel wrong! We want to help you make sense of what the word gifted means, and to introduce you to some of the things your child is likely to learn about giftedness during their time at MindPlus.

We’re having an online Q&A session for MindPlus parents, whānau and Contributing School Teachers on Wednesday 15 March, 7.30pm. No RSVP needed - just click the link below.

We also have a self-paced introductory learning module for MindPlus parents that you can access anytime.

Parent Guide

Feeling very new to MindPlus? Or just want to check up on new processes in place? Your first port-of-call should be our MindPlus Parent Guides on our website.

These are now in an easy-to-use drop down format so you can find what you need fast. Our new search bar also lets you quickly search across our website.


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