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Re:News interview with Young Neurodiversity Champions

10 to 20% of New Zealand’s young people are neurodiverse. They have brains wired to think, learn, perceive the world and feel differently from neurotypical people.

Content warning: This video mentions suicide and mental health. “I refuse to let any more children grow up in a system where they are subconsciously told that they are not good enough and they’re a problem that needs to be fixed.” On Thursday, a group of neurodiverse rangatahi headed to Parliament where they advocated for the right to access an education and health system that meets their needs. The group, called Young Neurodiversity Champions, met with politicians today to discuss how schools and the health system are failing to recognise and meet the learning needs of neurodiverse rangatahi. Re: News spoke to people from the group about their experiences and what they think needs to change in Aotearoa.


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