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Term 4 Pānui

Kia Ora

At NZCGE, we are committed to working towards a New Zealand where all gifted Kiwi kids can access the specialist support they need to thrive. We have been working hard this year to develop a number of new initiatives that bring our specialist MindPlus programme to more young people across Aotearoa - check them out below! Our flagship MindPlus OurSchool programme continues at our 13 units around the country with the support of our dedicated teachers and families, and we look forward to celebrating the end of another productive year with them next week. We wish you all the very best for this busy term, and, as always, get in touch if you'd like to learn more about what's in store.

MindPlus Clubs

MindPlus Clubs is our newest programme and brings together Y3 - 10 gifted kids from all over Aotearoa who share similar passions and interests. Whether it’s Coding or Creative Writing, Science or Changemaking and more, we have a club for everyone.

Our own MindPlus students are all joining Clubs this term, and we will be hosting our first face-to-face MindPlus Clubs Day in Auckland on 18 January 2023 in partnership with the University of Auckland. We’ll be inviting not just MindPlus students but also gifted kids nominated by their schools. We hope to offer more Clubs Days in more centres throughout 2023.

In 2023, we’ll be offering MindPlus Clubs at a low termly cost to gifted kids across the country - watch this space!

MindPlus Expo & Graduation Evening

We will be showcasing a wonderful year of MindPlus work by our students at Expo Evenings across the country in Week 5. We will also be celebrating our Y6 and Y8 Graduates leaving MindPlus OurSchool at the end of this year. We now have options for these students to stay an active part of the MindPlus whānau, including by:

  • Continuing as MindPlus Club members

  • Doing MindPlus Online, with a special Y9 and 10 after-school class on offer next year, and

  • Participating in MindPlus YourSchool at a high school offering MindPlus YourSchool for their Y9 and 10’s.

Talk to your OurSchool teacher about what could work for your child.

MindPlus YourSchool Update

We now have 4 MindPlus YourSchools operating, another 7 confirmed for 2023, and more still getting in touch. They range from small rural to large urban schools, in low and higher income areas, from primary up to secondary schools and kahui ako. We are looking forward to bringing all our YourSchool Partner Teachers together in Auckland to join us at Clubs Day in January, and afterwards for a full day of professional learning.

If you want to launch your own high quality specialist gifted education programme at your school in 2023, get in touch now!

Young Neurodiversity Champions

Calling our Young Neurodiverse Champions. New Zealand education system continues to fail too many of our neurodiverse children and young people. Despite making up 10 - 20% of all young people, too few ECEs, schools and tertiary organisations have the knowledge, skills and resources to ensure that neurodiverse students, including gifted and twice exceptional students, achieve their full potential. This coming election year 2023, NZCGE is supporting our rangatahi to speak out - loud and proud - to encourage our politicians to commit to new policies able to drive real change on the ground. We are calling for applications for 10-15 Young Neurodiverse Champions to head up and guide this campaign. Spread the word amongst the young people you know and watch out for our social media campaign beginning soon!

Learning Update

We have partnered with The Education Hub on two learning opportunities for teachers recently: a webinar on What’s Important and What Works in Gifted Education, and a research roundupp on Twice Exceptional Students.


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