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Top Tips for Parents - How To Advocate For Your Gifted Child At Primary School

Join us for a FREE online workshop at 7pm on Thursday 8 September.

As parents, we want our gifted children at school to feel they belong, to be supported to develop their skills - social and emotional as well as academic - and explore their talents.

If this isn’t happening for your child at school, what can you do about it?

As national organisations working with gifted kids, their whānau and teachers and schools, we’ve seen some wonderful examples of parents working constructively with schools so children can thrive, as well as times where the relationships have not been so positive.

Join our FREE 60-minute online workshop to get the guidance you need to be a strong advocate for your gifted child and to collaborate effectively with your school. Hear from our experts, Madelaine Armstrong Willcocks, Head of Programmes at the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education and Jo Brunskill, President of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, as well as a panel of parents who’ve successfully navigated these important school-home relationships.

For a quick get-up-to-speed prior to the workshop, you might like to check out our FREE mini-module on "Navigating Learning Support for Gifted Kids". It will help you understand the acronyms and what's available for your child, in and outside of the classroom.

Presented by NZCGE and NZAGC:


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