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Education Hub research round-up on twice-exceptional students

Our Head of Programmes, Madelaine Armstrong Willcocks reviews the research on twice exceptional students.

Twice-exceptional students are a group of neurodiverse students who are gifted and have an additional exceptionality that impacts upon their learning. It can be difficult to understand and recognise this group of students, and because of that it can be challenging to support them in classrooms and schools. Twice-exceptional students are vulnerable to social and emotional difficulties and under-achievement, and due to their unique combinations of gliftedness and challenges they need careful support. There are some clear recommendations and strategies for how to approach meeting the complex needs of this group of students that emerge from current theory and practice.

What is meant by twice-exceptional?

Twice-exceptional students are a specific and identifiable group of students who are gifted and have an additional exceptionality or exceptionalities that impact on their learning. It is important that teachers, as well as parents and whānau, understand both of those terms to best support this group of students.


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