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Who's coming to dinner?

After two weeks out of the classroom due to a trip and public holiday, we got stuck back into our proper programme. The two-week break was enough for some of us to forget just how much thinking goes on at MindPlus and by the end of the day some of us had ' tired brains.'

In Personal Development we continued to investigate like minds.

Today we had fun planning a like-minded dinner party. Each of us selected one guest to invite to dinner. We didn't really finalise our seating plan, but the intense and robust discussion was respectful and kind and provided an authentic way to discuss like minds.

In Concept Development we continued our work on cultural patterns in visual art.

We ' zoomed in' ( looked at in-depth) on a variety of different patterns and came up with rules for each of the patterns. We then had a go at creating some patterns of our own. We focussed on Kowhaiwhai patterns, using these to tell a personal story. Some chose to tell their life story using Kowhaiwhai while others selected a key event from their lives and used kowhaiwhai patterns to symbolise this. The level of focus was impressive and I am looking forward to next week when we complete our artworks by adding colour.

In Talent Development everyone was once again busy working on their personal projects.

Shout out today to Jacob who penned the lyrics for a piece of digital music that he has created, to James and Molly for intense focus on their photography and to Will for furthering his study on the Stock Market. I am impressed every week by how much passion the students have for their chosen topics. Keep it up team!

Finally I'd like to share two questions for you to ponder. These really got us going today!
  1. Is the hole in the donut part of the donut?

  2. If you swapped brains with someone...Are YOU where your body is, or where your brain is?

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