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Fizz Buzz and cryptics

We welcomed a cool new member of our happy band, Josh, who has learned so much about us very quickly. That's the joy of our like minds!

We began our day with Fizz, Buzz, Bang our maths game ( which secretly also helps us to work on our concentration skills) and our cryptic crossword clues:

Today was homophones...try this one Take bites noisily (6).

Can you find a word that means 'take' which sounds like a word that means 'bites'?

Our Like-Minded work today was a huge success. We had four possible activities to help us identify like-minded people. We worked on quizzes, flow charts and invented a new game that other 'dungeons and dragoners' would enjoy ( called caverns and taverns). The Kahoots that emerged caused lots of laughter and just a few arguments on the 'best' Star Wars movie, Marvel heroes and whether seals are better than penguins ( they aren't)

Talent development today saw the questers continuing on their adventure with their amazing Dungeon master.

They are learning so much about communication, critical thinking and working collaboratively. The rest of the class worked on their coding, maths badge and some incredible drawing.

We finished up the day with a discussion about sleep patterns and how they fit into our rules about patterns.

Decent sleep patterns promote survivability and strength, they can be natural ( animals) or influenced by man (humans) and they are predictable. We discussed what influences these patterns- our environment, our state of mind, our eating habits, and device use close to bedtime. And we came up with some choices we might make to alter these patterns for those of us who struggle.

A regular bedtime, limiting devices, even removing devices from the bedroom (Cass was none too happy about that one), and using an eye mask. Quieting the mind by reading a less stimulating book, or listening to an audiobook might help. We even talked about trying to reduce our stresses, and the things weighing on our minds by talking about them. Hopefully, they will try to put some of these into practice over the next week.


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