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Language, fractals and chaos theory

Probably 75% of our day involved learning new languages. We started with Te Reo Maori, moved into Latin and Greek incorporating the language of the discipline for Maths. All of this linked in to our patterns concept.

We also did some more work on like minds and the Clubhouse class explored some exceptionalities -giftedness, obviously, and ADHD, ASD, tourettes and all the dys's, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia.

We had the most informative presentation from Lisa Collins yesterday about Fractals and Chaos Theory.

It was hands-on and really challenged our ability to think about mathematical constructs... 'how can something be all gaps but have an infinite number of sides?'

Well, my brain was stretched to the limit anyway. It is such a joy to have an expert talk to us. Lisa was so skilled in making university level information accessible to us...and it was fun.

Have a great week

L & V


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