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Join a fun and stimulating 2 ½ hour session with a specialist teacher once a week.

MindPlus PreSchool

Helping gifted kids to thrive

MindPlus PreSchool is a programme for gifted kids aged 2 to 6. Up to 10 children and their parents or caregivers come together with our specialist teacher for a 2 ½ hour session, during the week or on a Saturday morning.

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Common characteristics of gifted preschoolers

Here are some common characteristics of gifted preschoolers, compared with their peers. They:

  • Learn very easily, often without specific teaching

  • Can concentrate for long periods when interested, with a strong memory

  • Have an advanced and interesting vocabulary, with early reading or writing skills or interest

  • Show high levels of curiosity, noticing many details; not easily satisfied with simple explanations

  • Use toys and other objects in original ways

  • Show strong intensity and emotional sensitivity

  • Demonstrate advanced cultural knowledge, skills or strengths

Hear our parents and teachers talk about how PreSchool meets the needs of gifted little ones.

Why is it important to start early?

Gifted children are born with brains super-charged for learning. The early years are a crucial time for all children where rapidly developing brains lay the foundations for ongoing learning. We feed those developing gifted brains with the mix of learning experiences they need, and we support parents to understand their gifted child and how to help them thrive.


What happens at MindPlus PreSchool?

Every session at MindPlus PreSchool is unique, because every group of children is different. There are times during each session to work together as a group, times for children to work alongside each other or together, and times for children to work together with their parents or caregivers.

Our sessions explore weekly themes - like space, the digestive system or emotions - that are guided by student interest and cover a wide range of subjects. 

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Where are we located?

We currently offer MindPlus PreSchool only in Auckland and Christchurch. Children can start anytime throughout the year.

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Ready to go?

You can apply to start MindPlus PreSchool at any time. Click below to find out how it works.

Want to know more?

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.