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Gifted NEX is a Network of Expertise supporting all things gifted. The network links teachers with teachers, with specialists in the field, and with resources to support gifted learners.

Join Our Gifted Teacher Network

What does Gifted NEX provide?

Gifted NEX provides teachers with FREE online opportunities for professional learning and connecting, with an emphasis on practical strategies grounded in research.


 During the year, we run monthly Gifted NEX Cafe sessions after school featuring practitioners and offering an opportunity to listen as well as share. In the mid-year break, we have an annual Spotlight on Practice Online Symposium, featuring an exciting range of practitioners in bite-sized presentations.


In 2023, we are developing Gifted 101 - an online, self-paced, practical introduction to gifted education, including webinars and video teaching examples and with a micro-credential awarded to completing teachers.

What is Gifted NEX for and how can it help?

Gifted NEX is part of the Ministry of Education PLD programme with a mantra of ‘for teachers by teachers,’ therefore it is predominantly for teachers in early years, primary, intermediate and secondary settings.

Gifted NEX is also available for homeschooling parents and educational professionals who support gifted learners in their practice.

Gifted NEX helps by connecting communities of interest across the Network to best practices and ‘go to’ options for support. It also provides resources to enrich educators’ understanding of gifted education and gifted learners.

Can it help answer those tricky gifted
education questions?

Gifted NEX provides members with opportunities to discuss and share hot topics and critical issues in their Gifted Cafe sessions.

The Network will keep members informed of other happenings and relevant resources in gifted education across other Networks of Expertise.

Want to know more?

Get in touch to find out how your school can provide gifted students with the specialist support they need. 

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