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Gifted NEX is a Network of Expertise supporting all things gifted. The network links teachers with teachers, with specialists in the field, and with resources to support gifted learners.

Gifted NEX

What is Gifted NEX?

Gifted NEX is our network of expertise that connects you with other educators to learn from and with each other. We offer FREE online learning opportunities that focus on practical, research-endorsed strategies for you to use in your classroom. 

During the year, we run monthly online Gifted NEX Cafe sessions after-school highlighting ‘issues of note’. During each Cafe session we focus on building understanding as well as practical strategies. These are a great way to connect with like-minded teachers and leaders and to talk through the big issues affecting our mahi with gifted and neurodiverse learners. ​

In the mid-year break, we have an annual Spotlight on Practice Online Symposium, diving more deeply into one particular issue. In 2024 this is a Spotlight on Strengths. 

With the Neurodiversity in Education Coalition , we are developing a suite of online courses about Building Neuroinclusive Schools.  Our first introductory course, Gifted 101, is now FREE. 

What’s coming up

Gifted NEX Cafe Sessions

Each month across the school year we run online Cafe sessions highlighting (issues of note). Cafe sessions are designed to connect you with other educators to talk through what’s working for you, what’s not, and what you could try next! 

Gifted NEX Spotlight on Strengths:
Monday 8 July (9.30am - 3.30pm, online)


Our SOS day will give you deeper insights, actionable strategies and classroom resources that you can use straight away. 


  • We have four action-packed sessions - pop into one or two or come for the day - all with ample discussion, sharing and Q&A time. These are: 

  • What do we mean by strengths and why should we focus on them?  With Gifted NEX and MindPlus

  • What can a strengths-based approach look like? With Holly Gooch, The Hyphen Project

  • Strengths-based strategies. With Young Neurodiversity Champions and MindPlus Specialist Educators

  • Strengths-based resources. With Gifted NEX and MindPlus


Sessions are live and will not be recorded. Resources will be collated and shared online. 

Check it out here

Gifted 101 is our FREE introductory course to working with the gifted learners in your classroom and school. You must be a member of Gifted NEX to access this course. Register here:

Who is Gifted NEX for and how can it help?

Gifted NEX is part of the Ministry of Education PLD programme with a mantra of ‘for teachers by teachers’. It’s a network for teachers in all education settings - from early years through to secondary. We also welcome ​homeschooling parents, allied professionals, and any educational professionals who support gifted and neurodiverse learners in their practice.

It’s completely free to join!

​Gifted NEX helps by connecting teachers to share what’s working well and problem-solve around what’s not working well for our gifted and neurodiverse learners. We can share and highlight strategies, supports and resources.

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Can Gifted NEX help with more specific advice and ideas?

Absolutely! We always share and develop ideas together in our Cafe Sessions. If you would like specific support, advice or ideas do get in touch with this - we’re always happy to chat. You can drop us an email or book at time to chat here

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