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Awa’s story

Awa is a 6 year old Māori girl from a Decile 1 school. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Awa has a scholarship to attend MindPlus Online, alongside her brother.  Awa’s father tells her story:

“Awa is starting her journey with Mindplus, following in her brother’s footsteps. She has the potential to achieve highly in creativity and creative thinking which is important to her and something that she can add to her kura community as she attends her local kura kaupapa Maori. 


She is immersed in Te Ao Māori at home and at school, but unfortunately inquiry based learning, creative passions and higher order thinking are not part of the learning at her kura. 

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Although only 6 she has already shown has the potential to be a strong achieving Maori female, showing achievement and potential to her community and iwi.

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She has already shown she needs extension, exceeding class materials given to her age/class and asking for more engaging work and to join her brother’s MindPlus tasks. We believe specialist education is important for her to achieve her potential and extend. 


As our financial situation is changing,  we are unsure of how we will be able to pay for MindPlus. I have not reached out to our school to help  as they are Decile 1 in a low socio-economic area, already struggling and have issues supporting students who are not achieving. Support for a student who is achieving and succeeding (despite not reaching their potential) would not be a priority.”

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