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Monday 8 July (9.15am - 3.15pm, online)

Unlock Your Neurodivergent Learners' Potential! 

Discover the power of teaching to your students' strengths! Neurodivergent learners often struggle with traditional methods, but they thrive when their unique talents are recognized and nurtured.

With international social entrepreneur Dean Bragonier of Noticeability, leading Kiwi innovator and neurodiversity expert Holly Gooch of The Hyphen Project, the Young Neurodiversity Champions and the MindPlus team!

Join our FREE online Spotlight on Strengths Day on Monday, 8 July!

  • Recognize and Harness Strengths: Learn how to tap into the intellectual, creative, visual-spatial, social, emotional, and cultural strengths of your students while covering essential curriculum topics.

  • Boost Confidence: Equip your students to identify and build on their strengths, helping them overcome challenges with confidence.

  • Immediate Classroom Strategies: Get practical insights, strategies, and resources you can implement right away!

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your teaching and empower your neurodivergent learners. Sign up now and make a real difference in your classroom, school and community.

Meet Our Speakers

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International Speaker

Transforming Mindsets -
Dean Bragonier, Founder, NoticeAbility


Join us for Dean Bragonier's workshop on practical neuroscience-based ways to help neurodivergent learners shift from "learned helplessness" to "learned optimism."

About Dean:

  • Founder and “Executive Dyslexic” of NoticeAbility, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering students with dyslexia.

  • NoticeAbility’s programs, focused on entrepreneurship, engineering, architecture, and art, enhance project-based learning and social-emotional skills.

  • These programs are used in 31 states and 26 countries.

Exciting News:
Dean is bringing NoticeAbility programs to Kiwi kids in November 2024, supported by the  Dyslexia Foundation of NZ. Don’t miss this chance to inspire and uplift your students!


Leading NZ Innovator 

Transforming Futures With Strengths-Based Learning - Holly Gooch, Founder, The Hyphen Project

Join Holly Gooch's workshop to see how a full strengths-based programme looks in practice and get tips on incorporating key elements into your school's curriculum.

About Holly: 

Holly Gooch is the Founder of The Hyphen Project, a charitable trust offering an innovative learning and vocational institute for talented neurodivergent teens (16-19) who struggle with mainstream education.

  • Extensive Experience: Holly has been a teacher, dean, learning support coordinator, gifted education program coordinator, careers advisor, and health school teacher.

  • Academic Background: She holds a Masters in Educational Psychology, is pursuing a PhD on the strengths of adults with ADHD, and is completing a Certificate in Cognitive Diversity from Bridges Graduate School in Los Angeles.

  • Creative Past: Holly was a playwright, storyteller, children’s writer, and stand-up comedian.

Don’t Miss Out!

Discover practical strategies and insights for implementing a strengths-based approach in your school. Learn from one of New Zealand's leading innovators in education!

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Student and Teacher Voices

Real Stories, Real Impact - Young Neurodiversity Champions and MindPlus Specialist Teachers

Hear inspiring success stories from neurodivergent students and insightful teachers, facilitated by Madelaine Armstrong-Willcocks, Head of Programmes at the Neurodiversity in Education Project.

About the Young Neurodiversity Champions:

This youth-led organization is revolutionizing neurodiversity in New Zealand. They focus on raising awareness, advocacy, enhancing teacher and school capabilities, and building supportive communities for neurodiverse young people.

About MindPlus: 

MindPlus is a half-day weekly program for gifted and neurodiverse learners in Years 2-10. Available in Auckland, Christchurch, and online, any school in NZ can also adopt this program with full support and resources. The MindPlus specialist teachers are highly trained and experienced in working with neurodiverse students, bringing a wealth of practical expertise.

Join Us!

Discover how strength-based teaching is transforming lives and learn how you can implement these strategies in your own classroom.


There are four action-packed workshops through the day - all the details are below. You are free to join as and when you like. All sessions have ample time for discussion, sharing, and Q&A.

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