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Being neurodiverse will be a lifelong journey for your child. Knowing you understand them and will support them is an amazing first step.

How Do I Support My Gifted Child?

The educational journey

The  best thing we can do for our gifted kids is to ensure they are in a learning environment where they feel they belong and where they are supported to develop their skills - social and emotional as well as academic - and explore their talents. If this isn’t the case for your child right now, you may want to explore options to get them that support and find an environment where they can thrive.


Know that it’s good to get in early - even as young as two or three. Growing up with a sense of being understood, with an identity as gifted, helps our tamariki to go on to explore and extend their gifts at school and outside it, rather than to hide them or feel confused by them, which often leads to significant distress.

Five steps parents can take

1. Talk to your teacher about what they are noticing

As a parent, your first step is to talk with your child’s ECE or school teacher about what they are noticing about your child and their qualities.  Do keep in mind though that not many of our teachers have had the chance to learn about gifted kids and their needs, so you may need to share what you are learning with them. 

Our website has a whole section for schools about how we can support and help them. You may want to share the link with your school to let them know that there is support out there.

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Our programmes

Our MindPlus programmes all bring together like minds with a specialist teacher who gets them and a curriculum specially designed for their learning needs.

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What really happens at MindPlus?

Magic happens at MindPlus every day! Get a peek into what’s going on with a selection of our teachers’ weekly posts sharing what’s been happening with whānau and teachers at regular school.

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