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Our Vision


That all gifted Kiwi kids get the specialist educational support they need to thrive and achieve their full potential

We want to reach 10,000 gifted students at 500 schools across Aotearoa over the next three years.

Gifted kids are our future changemakers.


Around 47,000 primary school aged students in Aotearoa - of all ethnicities, genders and socio-economic backgrounds - were born with brains wired to learn faster, retain more and think more deeply than other kids. 


Whether their gifts are intellectual, creative, social or cultural, research shows that they are our future scientists, technologists, artists and entrepreneurs.

But most of our gifted tamariki will not develop their potential as changemakers unless they receive specialist educational support.


They will disengage, drop out, hide their talents and try to fit in - denying themselves, their communities and NZ the potential they represent. This is especially the case for our gifted girls, Māori and Pasifika students and students from low income families.


Right now, our education system is failing to provide for these children. Our schools place enormous focus on kids who are struggling, and have very little capacity or capability to support those who need more. The tragedy is that unless we make a significant effort to identify them, most will continue to fall through the cracks.

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We are on a mission to ensure that all gifted Kiwi kids get the specialist support they need to thrive - and we need your support.


You can give or contribute to a scholarship for a gifted child from a disadvantaged family to attend one of our MindPlus programmes. 


You can support a low-decile school to set up its own specialist gifted education programme and to train its teachers to deliver it. 

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Our programmes

Gifted learners have unique learning and social and emotional needs and, in response to these, we have developed a specialist curriculum we use across all our MindPlus programmes

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Support for schools
& teachers

Gifted learners need every teacher to understand their needs and know how to meet them. We train and support teachers and schools throughout NZ.

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