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“I want to tell my story to 

help future neurodiverse 

tamariki and rangitahi 

thrive at school.”

As part of the Application Form, you will need to upload EITHER a written document of 500 words or less OR a video of less than 3 minutes answering this question:

“If you were the Prime Minister, what changes would you make to the education system to ensure that neurodiverse young people can achieve their potential?”

Some ideas our rangatahi have shared so far are:

"We need to educate everyone - teachers and other students - about what neurodiversity looks like and how to handle it. For example, when an autistic kid gets overstimulated, other children will often have no idea how to react. Some ill-meaning children don’t realise quite how extreme their actions may be, and well-meaning children trying to help often have a lack of understanding on how. This often results in a meltdown as the kid’s brain tries to deal with all the simulations happening around them. This does no good to anyone, and could all be stopped with education."


"When teachers avoid talking about topics like racism, homophobia or neurodivergence, it results in kids thinking that they are “forbidden” or getting information from the wrong places."

"A really simple idea is to make a safe space at school for neurodiverse kids to go when they need to. It's not necessary a place to go to do work or because you are naughty or “that kid” but a place to decompress and process your learning. It would help neurodiverse kids focus, calm down, and feel safe and happy at school."


You will also need to upload a reference from someone who knows you well (preferably from outside your immediate whānau) letting us know why you should be selected as a Young Neurodiversity Champion, and a photo for us to use in publicity if you are selected.

You can start the application and save it to come back to once you have these extras ready to upload.

What do I need to apply?

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