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Helping gifted learners to thrive

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Give your gifted kids a space for a half day a week where they can push their boundaries, share their passions, and be part of a tribe that gets how they tick.

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education supports you to offer your own world-class half-day a week programme for the Y2 - 10 gifted learners at your school or across your Kāhui Ako, wherever in New Zealand you are. At the same time, we train your teacher as a specialist MindPlus educator.

After two years, you will be equipped to run your own YourSchool programme using our MindPlus platforms and resources.

What schools get

“We know there’s a very real need in our school, but right now, we don’t have the capacity to meet that need. We want to bring our teachers along on this journey” 

Principal, Nelson primary school

What schools get

As a MindPlus Partner School, you will receive:


  • MindPlus Curriculum - covers conceptual thinking, talent development, and social and emotional learning, and draws on our 25 year experience.

  • MindPlus Learning Platform used by all our teachers and students in our hybrid learning programme.

  • MindPlus Teacher Resources enabling teachers to “plug and play”  ready to go learning tools .

  • MindPlus YourSchool Professional Learning Programme - a two year programme of bite-sized online learning alongside mentoring and coaching, leading to certification as a MindPlus YourSchool Partner Teacher.

  • MindPlus Treasure Box with the learning resources you need to power up gifted students (additional cost).

  • MindPlus Clubs - where gifted students from across programmes come together with like minds.

  • MindPlus YourSchool Hero platform where you share learning updates with whānau. 

  • MindPlus Community - access to our big MindPlus family of gifted students, whānau, teachers and schools across our programmes.

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Want to know more?

Get in touch to find out how your school can provide gifted students with the specialist support they need.