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MindPlus YourSchool Fellowship


For lower decile schools who are unable to afford the MindPlus YourSchool programme cost, we offer a MindPlus YourSchool Fellowship. 

“Our biggest barrier as a low decile school is that our funds go toward providing basic needs - stationery, warm jackets, kai. Any other funds, and any spare time that our amazing educators have, goes towards behavioural and learning challenges."


Principal, Nelson primary school

Meeting the challenge in partnership with local schools


MindPlus YourSchool is an innovative new programme, launched by NZCGE in 2022, to bring a world class, specialist gifted education programme to local schools across New Zealand and to train new gifted education teachers on the job.


The programme works by pairing our specialist MindPlus teacher partners with a teacher at the local school, supporting them to identify a cohort of gifted students at the school, to bring them together for a half-day per week at their own school, and to deliver our proven gifted education programme, including by co-teaching online and connecting their students with our wider family of 700 gifted kids throughout New Zealand. Partner teachers can also access ongoing bite-sized professional learning modules and finish the year with certification by us as a MindPlus Partner Teacher.

For schools, including many lower decile schools, who are unable to afford the MindPlus YourSchool programme cost of $11,400 pa, we offer a MindPlus YourSchool Fellowship. The school contributes a teacher, commits to full leadership engagement and support, and $1,400 pa.

If you have any questions about supporting a school to deliver its own gifted programme

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