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How Do I Apply?

How do I apply for my child to come to MindPlus?

Our application forms and process are here. Please note that we will not be able to process your application until we have all the forms returned. 


When do applications close?

We accept new students at MindPlus OurSchool at the start of each school term, so usually we need applications before the middle of the previous term.


New students at MindPlus Online can start at any time, so applications are always welcomed. 


When will the next intake of students start?

For MindPlus OurSchool, new students start at the start of Term One, Two and Three. For MindPlus Online, students can start at any time. 


What information do I need for the Application?

We want to get to know your child so that we can decide if MindPlus will be a good fit for their particular strengths and needs. Our application forms ask for information about your child’s:

  • Abilities: what are they really good at, interested in and passionate about? What do they enjoy learning about and doing, both at school and in other places?

  • Qualities: what are they like as a person?  How do they get on with others?

  • Exceptionalities: does your child have another exceptionality or neurodiversity? How does this impact them? What kind of support would benefit your child?


Do I have to have an assessment done on my child before I can apply? 

No. But, if you do have an assessment report (for example from a psychologist or other specialist) we would love to have a read. These give very detailed information about your child and will help us to understand your child’s particular strengths and needs.  You can include any reports like this with your Application. 


When will we be notified if our Application has been received?

You will receive a confirmatory email letting you know that your Application has been received and alerting you if further information is required.

When will we be notified of the outcome of the Application?

We will let you know about the application as soon as we can, before the start of the next school term.


Why has my child been waitlisted?

If we consider that MindPlus would work well for your child, we will look to see if a place is available in the programme/ at the unit for which you have applied. This may not be available immediately given that some of our units are at full capacity and, depending on demand levels, we may need to work to open another class. If this is the case, we will ask you if you would like to go onto our Waiting List.  While you are waiting, we will keep in touch and your child might like to join a MindPlus Club in the meantime.

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Parent Resources

You may also want to look at our Resources section on the website which includes Programme Information Packs and Parent Guides for our programmes.

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Check out our FAQs for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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