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Support Gifted Kids


Together, we can make sure that all gifted Kiwi kids get the chance to achieve their extraordinary potential 

Right now, less than 1.5% of the 47,000 gifted Kiwi primary school kids are getting the support they need to achieve their extraordinary potential. 


We want to reach 10,000 gifted students at 500 schools across Aotearoa over the next three years.


You can help us change the game for gifted kids in NZ and invest in our future changemakers.

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We are on a mission to ensure that all gifted Kiwi kids get the specialist support they need to thrive - and we need your support.


You can support or contribute to a scholarship enabling a gifted child from a disadvantaged family to attend one of our MindPlus programmes. 


You can support a low decile school to set up its own specialist gifted education programme and to train its teachers to deliver it. 

Case for Support

Our Case for Support gives you an overview of who gifted kids are, the support they need to thrive, and how you can play a part.

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Our vision

Learn more about our vision for gifted kids in NZ

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Our impact

Check out the impact we are having on learning and social and emotional outcomes for our gifted kids.

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