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Gifted kids belong to the same tribe - one that likes to think deeply, explore widely, and revels in challenge. Whilst their passions and viewpoints may be diverse, their minds recognise each other as alike.

What Do Our Gifted Kids Say?

"Kids at MindPlus think on the same kind of path as me"

- Gifted student

Learning with like minds

Our MindPlus kids tell us that they are more comfortable asking questions, setting challenging goals and celebrating their successes with like minds around them.


Being neurodiverse can be challenging for our kids and trying to “fit in” is a constant effort. Our kids tell us that MindPlus gives them a space where they feel normal and are inspired by others to push and extend themselves.

"Everybody wanted to learn."

- Gifted student

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Our programmes

Our MindPlus programmes all bring together like minds with a specialist teacher who gets them and a curriculum specially designed for their learning needs.

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What really happens
at MindPlus?

Magic happens at MindPlus every day! Get a peek into what’s going on with a selection of our teachers’ weekly posts sharing what’s been happening with whānau and teachers at regular school.

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