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Explore interests and passions with like-minded gifted kids across Aotearoa.

MindPlus Clubs

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MindPlus Clubs brings gifted kids from all over Aotearoa together who share similar passions and interests. Whether it’s Coding or Creative Writing, Science or Changemaking and more, we have a club for everyone!

“Writing her novel together with her two best friends at MindPlus is what she lives for!" - Parent of a gifted Creative Writer

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MindPlus Clubs

  • Provides an online platform for like-minded Y3 - Y10 students to connect from anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Collates a range of high quality learning experiences for students, including Tutorials and Badges.

  • Connects kids with experts in the field, through Talent Activation or sessions once a term.

  • Allows kids to get together for awesome Clubs Day opportunities around New Zealand in the  school holidays.

  • Allows parents and classroom teachers to help students set up an Individual Talent Plan to explore their interests and increase their skills.

What are our 10 Clubs?

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