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We are committed to providing evidence-based programmes that can demonstrate their positive impact for  gifted children.

Our Impact

What we do works


Over the last 25 years, we have developed, tested and iterated a family of specialist education programmes to meet the needs of gifted children - our MindPlus programmes.


Our 2021 annual Impact Survey shows that MindPlus works - for gifted students and their whānau.


  • 96% of students enjoy MindPlus

  • 95% of students say MindPlus gives them  interesting and challenging work

  • 92% of students have a teacher that understands them

  • 95% of students say they have an opportunity to learn about being gifted and what it means for them

  • 86% of parents feel that their child is getting the specialist support they need to thrive

Hear their stories

Our parents share the impact of MindPlus for them and their child.

Our students share the impact of MindPlus for them.

Our teachers share the impact of MindPlus for four gifted ākonga.

We are on a mission to ensure that all gifted Kiwi kids get the specialist support they need to thrive - and we need your support.


You can give or contribute to a scholarship enabling a gifted child from a disadvantaged family to attend one of our MindPlus programmes. 


You can support a low-decile school to set up its own specialist gifted education programme and to train its teachers to deliver it. 

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Our programmes

Gifted learners have unique learning and social and emotional needs and, in response to these, we have developed a specialist curriculum we use across all our MindPlus programmes

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Support for schools
& teachers

Gifted learners need every teacher to understand their needs and know how to meet them. We train and support teachers and schools throughout NZ.

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