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MindPlus Online


Join other gifted learners and our specialist teacher online for one session a week, as well as working independently on our MindPlus Learning Platform at school or at home.

Helping gifted kids to thrive - anywhere in NZ

MindPlus Online brings our proven MindPlus programme to gifted learners wherever they are.  Our students meet together with their like-minded peers and their specialist teacher online for a 30 minute video session, and then work independently on our MindPlus Learning Platform with their work introduced and supervised by their teacher. 

Students usually set aside a half day each week - at school or at home - for their MindPlus session and work time.

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"We’ve found that the mainstream doesn’t really cater to kids like Arahi - they just don’t have enough time to extend him beyond the basics into things like art and science. We live rurally so being able to access the quality education that MindPlus gives us to supplement his schoolwork has been really really good"

- Parent of a MindPlus Online student

Who is MindPlus Online for?

MindPlus Online is for students who don’t live near one of our units or who are not keen or able to leave school to go to MindPlus. Students can also get underway with Online at any time of the year, making it a great option when we don’t have an OurSchool place available straight away.
Kids can access MindPlus Online in a number of ways:

  • Some of our students do Online at school, with the support of their classroom teacher.

  • Other Online students are home-schooled and do MindPlus as part of their regular school work

  • Some students do MindPlus Online at home as an extra activity because they need more than what’s on offer at school


MindPlus Online is a flexible programme where students can negotiate their own learning pathway. It caters for individual strengths and interests and provides challenge and stretch for its learners.


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Ready to go?

You can apply for MindPlus Online and start whenever it suits you through the year

"I like MindPlus Online because it’s open-ended. Connor can explore his own interest his way without a defined start and stop. I find primary school is too restrictive and prescriptive and Connor just didn’t know his potential until his MindPlus Online teacher was able to release those limits"

- Parent of a MindPlus Online student

Want to know more?

Check out our FAQ for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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